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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Saying Goodbye

I write the end of my first novel, The Outreach Committee, finding myself grieving for my characters - even the ones I've killed off. I've spent years getting to know and understand these people. My first book, Sweet Justice, contained twenty two short stories. I spent short periods with each set of charachters then, and didn't suffer separation anxiety as I do now.

I'll start writing another novel soon, but the characters will be new acquaintances to shape and form. Will they be quirky? Sweet? Intollerant? Murderers? All of the above? Yes. That's my style. You writers out there, how do you handle end of the book grief? Please advise.

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  1. How do I handle separation anxiety? I start writing immediately . . . the next one. You don't need a complete divorce to the previous. You can send off to an agent or two, perhaps per week, refine queries, synopses, listen to their feedback, etc. Find that perfect match. Pretty soon you'll be wrapped up with the new crew. A great place to go to try your opening lines is Miss Snark's First Victim ( They have monthly contests in which an agent awards further inspection of your novel, and at the very least, you'll get good feedback (from the other writers and the agent).