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Sunday, June 5, 2011

I can't get you out of my head

I was at an estate sale and bought some sheet music for a quarter. It hit me. I remembered NPR's 600 word short story contests (which are ongoing) and how every song has a story of some kind.

So I issue a challenge. Look up the lyrics to some song by googling, any era, read the lyrics, get inspired and tell a short story of 600 hundred words or less. Then we read them at our pleasure on friday. Then we start collecting them. I'll use my publishing company to publish them when we have collected enough of them at no charge, we'll share the profits, going kindle at first to test the waters. This shouldn't detract from our regular writing because it probably takes a couple hours, initially.

Let me give you an example: Wake Up Little Suzie.

A boy and girl can't find a way of see each other because they're parents don't want them together, so they secretly meet at the movies and it becomes a disaster....Dialogue, setting: the why, where, who, how, when can all be answered....even the cute poodle skirt she wore.

If you like the idea we could expand it to 5 double spaced pages at the most (perfect for a friday).

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